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Timber Post and Rail Fencing

Timber Post and Rail Fencing

Typically consisting of 100 x 100mm posts (Round or Square) either concreted into ground or simply with soil rammed hard around and at a spacing of half the length of the rail
(this ensures that not all the rails are joined on every post, adding strength to the fence).

As mentioned the posts may be a different shape, square posts giving a wider face onto which the rails may be nailed.

The rails typically measure 85 x 35mm (Square) or 100mm 1/2 round, and are nailed on the "stock side" if for keeping animals retained, or can generally be put on any side for other applications.


Some fences are in use having only two rails but will be stronger with three of four rails and will be more stock proof, especially for younger animals.

The top rail should be sufficiently high to stop animals jumping out, and the lower rail should not be so low that a horse could get a foot trapped beneath.
The posts should be sunk to a depth of no less than 600mm, however ground conditions will always determine whether the posts should be sunk further.


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